My Life on the Bouari Clinic Diet – Share My Pain on a Daily Basis!

Although I love my job (even if I haven’t yet received a dime for it!), I have gone through some serious health issues, and when we moved to Las Vegas in October, I was finally in a large enough town to have all sorts of options available to me in a plethora of categories: one of which, was weight-loss. After doing some research on the available programs, I decided that the one I had never heard of before just might make a difference.

So, in the interest of other people everywhere, who find themselves needing to lose weight for both their health, and their self-esteem, I thought that I would create this blog in order to let them know how I do on this particular diet, and whether or not it even works!

I plan to update on a daily basis, and will try to answer all commments! I will be back, shortly, with my first full-length blog…



162 thoughts on “My Life on the Bouari Clinic Diet – Share My Pain on a Daily Basis!

  1. i’m very interested in your experience with this weight loss program….how often do you go in to the office? what kind of emotional support is offered? side effects? cost? as i am considering this program myself….but i hate being pressured into signing a contract, i haven’t, as yet, scheduled an appointment
    thanx for any and all of your personal-public experience
    good luck!

  2. Hi Velveeta,

    Since I have just started, I haven’t yet been back to the office for my check-up, they schedule you ten days after starting. As for emotional support, the tell you at every opportunity to call or come in, I just happen to be one of those people who prefer to be left alone until I decide I need help. The side-effects are varied, depending on the person, but so far I have from hunger, carb withdrawal, irritability, constipation, and weight-loss…while some of these are going to vary, some will be the same for everyone! As I am 100lbs. overweight, I chose the 45-day plan, which cost $450. They also have a 30-day plan, which I believe costs $300. There was no contract to sign, and I never felt any pressure, but your experience may differ.

  3. Have you done your follow up? What kind of weight loss have you experienced so far? Are you being compensated by Bouari Clinic to post your results?

    • Vicki,

      I’m sorry that I didn’t see this post originally! The Bouari Clinic is not compensating me for my blog, nor do they have anything to do with what I say…this is all just my opinion.


  4. Hi Rhonda can you tell please what does this diet consist of, I was driving today on the expressway and I saw the big sign for Bouari Clinic, I haven’t called them yet but the info coming from you would be more trust worthy.

    and Good Luck

  5. Good luck…I am interested in your results also. Please be honest with us about your results, impressions, and realities you experience. I hope, like you, that this regimein is “the one”.

    Thank you.

  6. I started on Feb 12, the 2 day binge, the actual dieting on Monday. As of this morning, I am proud to day I am already down 7.6 lbs!

  7. Hello to ALL,
    HEY Rhonda, how are you doing on the “Protocol”?
    No reports from you in some time, so just wondering.
    It’s been almost 3 & 1/2 months since you started so I’d LOVE to hear how it worked (or didn’t) for you.
    Wishing you HEALTH, strength, & willpower,

  8. Hey Rhonda, it is 6 months since you started the weight loss program by Bouari. I would like to know your opinion because I just went to their clinic for a free consultation. I did not purchase anything yet.

  9. Looks like Rhonda has disappeared. Guess she didn’t do to good.

    I just started this diet myself. Lost 7.5 lbs in 4 days. Actually two days because the first two days are not the diet protocol. The first two days are called binge days where you eat what you want and then you start the discipline of the diet plan itself.

    • Well, just wanted to say that this regimen, if all it is is the HCG injections and 500 calorie diet, is not a new one, just a new name. I went to a doctor for this 35 years ago here in Louisiana, and yes, I lost the weight, probably 40 or 50 pounds. Of course as soon as I stopped the 500 calorie diet, I gained it back. Since then, thru other methods, I have actually lost 100 pounds twice, and have managed to gain 40 of it back again. So, no it’s not a miracle cure. Over the years, I’ve read articles in health magazines that say there is no medical proof that HCG injections do anything other than take your money!

      • I am also from Louisiana & probably went to the same place Linda s went. Want to losse the weight I gained after Hurricane Katrina. Is this worth it?

      • google Dr.Oz and you will see for yourself, it does work. Everybody i asked about this diet said it works. I can barely find people that it didnt work with. It also worked with you. As far as gaining it back that is something else. There is the maintenance phase which you are supposed to do which is after the 500 calorie diet.

        It is more expensive in clinics rather than online is because you don’t know what you are getting online (even Dr.Oz said so). You could be getting animal hormones and no one wants that.

        No one talks about it in health magazines because losing the weight so quick is bad for business!

      • Hi everyone: I just joined the Bouari Clinic yesterday. There is some misinformation out there due to outdated information on the internet. HCG injections are outlawed in Louisiana ( where I live) and 42 states total. The FDA has warned of reports of kidney damage from HCG. In Las Vegas initially they were apparently using the injections. Anyway, there are no drugs, just natual health supplements and a very low calorie diet. Based on the staff support that is available and the natural non processsed food approach, I decided to begin the program.

      • Karen K…have you had a good experience? I am interested in trying this and was wondering how you were doing since you started.

  10. I have been on the diet now for 30 days and have lost 22 lbs. I am very happy with my results. I am sure if go back to the way I was eating before I will gain the weight back but I am learning to eat healthier and I really enjoy the food. Its not easy but loosing the weight sure makes me motivated to keep pushing.

  11. I have reviewed all these posts in the hopes of finding out if this works. I then went to Webmd and read an article specifically on HCG. I have decided to find other means after reading it. I recommend anyone thinking of spending hundreds of dollars on this to read it also. Just enter HCG for weight loss and you can find it.

  12. I’m a physician and tried this program. i did both the injections and lost 25 lbs in a month and then did the spray and lost about 12 lbs in 21 days. I didn’t follow it exactly, and had some cheat days. So i probably would have lost more if i was strict with the protocol.

    it was very easy to do and follow with my busy lifestyle, and i would highly recommend it to anyone. i also had family members and friends on the program and they all succeeded. it’s been 3 months and i have still kept the weight off and trained my self to a new health eating lifestyle on the go. It’s true that hcg has been around for many years, but Bouari Clinic makes a whole plan that makes it easy to follow. And like many medications out there, HCG doesn’t have a lot of research to support it’s claims because not many studies have been done. But like many of the medications i prescribe day in and day out, the program DOES work. HCG is an FDA approved medication that dr’s prescribe all the time. The weight loss usage is off label, but it does work- as do many other medications that dr’s use off label. It’s a shame that there are some negative press online.
    I know that it worked on me and worked on many of my family members and friends. But THERE IS NO MAGIC CURE FOR WEIGHT LOSS. This program helped me get the jump start i needed to lose weight and has made me change my lifestyle. It gave me the motivation i needed. and for that, you can’t put a price on it.
    one thing i would suggest, and that i found in my research, be careful where you get the HCG from, especially online. there are many fraud and fake companies out there. use a doctor and a reliable company. Good luck.

    hope this helps out.

    • Which bouari clinic did you go to? I watched Dr.Oz recent and would never buy anything online, i totally agree with that. I need to lose like 30 pounds or so…

      • Hey Peter,
        Just saw your post on here. I went to the aventura clinic in miami. They have a few across the country. High quality hcg meds and supplements compared to many. I would recommend them.
        My life has really changed since losing 25 lbs. I’m eating better now and working out and maintaining my weight. It was the push I needed to get back to a good baseline. I might do another round to lose 10lbs. We’ll see. The diet makes it so easy but I’ll try on my own first.
        Good luck. If u have more questions let me know. I’ll reply on here or give u my email. Good luck.

  13. I live in Boynton Beach FL and they open a clinic near my house , I tryed the system back 20 years ago when it was call Simeon center, I that was the only thing that helped me loose weight. I gain back after having my kids, and also because of a lot of asthma related medicines. I ‘m so happy I found the Boari Clinic. I’m on my seventh day and I’m loosing weight. i’m not doing 500 cal. Im doing a heahlty balance 5 times a day meals/snacks, up to 1000cal all the water I need to drink for my weight, which is over 12 glasses, I don’t feel sleep, not realy hungry between meals. So the product I guess help me to go on with my diet change. I started on 227lb I need to lose about 90lb. Today I’m at 222lb . I will try to come back and give a feed back of my progress. πŸ™‚ MG

    • You go! I just started today and I’m excited. I just join Planet Fitness gym. They say you don’t have to work out but if you do. Slow paces ill let ou know how I make out.

  14. Im back from Boynton Beach Im doing great. Today Im at 217.6lb. I don’t feel hungry and cheated, I had some beer over the weekend, still I lost weight. But I will try not to cheat like that . looking foward to keep lossing all this extra weight!!!! πŸ™‚ MG

  15. I started the Bouari clinic protocol yesterday and hope I will start losing! I’m on the binging phase now. My friend did the diet and he lost a lot of weight so I’m really looking forward to it.

  16. Hello Marilu from Boynton Beach , well I’m stuck on 217 , but I got sick I was in bed for over a week /asthma and the Dr put me steroids / cortizone, then I did some foods that I shouldn’t do, But the good thing I didn’t gain any weight. looking frwd to see what happends this following week.

  17. Hi all,

    I’m down 10 pounds and I sort of cheated because I had my kids birthday weekend. This is working great for me. I don’t feel hungry at all, except on the first diet day but I was told this is normal.

  18. I Started the Clinic December 6th, I lost 7 lbs the first week. I am amazed and the first day I weighed myself I lost weight and every following day I lost at least a pound. I have a long way to go and I do not feel hungry. The drops really work. All I can say is its better than the alternative “surgery” it seems to work just as fast so I find this a better way to go. I am completely satisfied so far.

  19. I will be having my consultation at the Bouari Clinic tomorrow. I am a little nervous about the bad press but hopeul about the good hings I have heard. It is expensive but I have wasted so much money on so many diets that have not worked so I hope that this is the one for me as I am tired of being overweight. I weighe in at 212.5lbs this mornng which is my heaviest weight to date in my entire life! Just last year I was 180lbs. Something has to change and I know it is my lifestyle but I need the jump start. I really hope this works! I will let you know of my progress. I appreciate this blog!

  20. Just heard the advertisement on the radio…thinking about it….I”m going to check out what Dr. Oz has to say about it…I trust hime because I don’t think he has anything to gain by recommending or not recommending something…I’m almost 300 lbs so I have a lot to lose. It just seems expensive to me but my health is deteriorating…what price can you put on health? I’ll be checking back to see how others are doing and hopefully have some good news of my own

  21. hmmmm after watching Dr. Oz I’m not too sure I’m going to try this,,,,maybe Weight Watchers is the way to go….I really don’t want to lose any of my hair…

    • Hi Lisa!
      Thanks for your comments..Have you started Weight Watchers? Any weight loss program that works for you is good, it’s hard enough to lose weight without trying to stick to something you don’t feel comfortable with! Though I am not sure about the losing hair part…my hair hasn’t budged! I am hoping that you find a way to feel better, and stick with us and let us know how you’re doing!


    • I lost 42lbs did not loose any hair That probably was from not eating properly or from something else. Having a heart attack having surgury, having high cholestral diabetes or what ever is not good either. I wish I had found this 20 years ago. Ithas changed my life totally you will not be sorry and this plan is good don’t buy the junk off the internet and i wonder if that is what they tried. do not be afraid try it.

  22. I’m in the Caribbean and just saw Bouari Clinic advertised on tv and called the Clinic. This sounds too good to be true. Originally I needed to loose 50 lbs but through daily exercise I’ve so far lost 20lbs and have 30 more to go. We all know exercise is hard work and a serious committment. Bouari is indeed expensive but I want to know if it really work.

    • Hi Lee!
      Congrats on losing 20lbs.!! it’s so hard to do, no matter how you do it!! I used to be able to lose weight through exercise, but I can no longer do so as I am disabled, so I thought I would give the Bouari Clinic method a try…and I have to say that for me, it has worked. However, everyone is different, and nothing works for us all…I would do some research and see if you think it’s worth a try. You are more than welcome to hang around here, and ask all the questions you want!

  23. I have read all the comments and seen the ads. I think I am going to give Bouari Clinic a call. I need to lose alot of weight and I think this is the best way. Thanks for the reviews.. Little nervous I am a very shy person. I hate being weighed by other people, but I need the help… Here I go πŸ™‚

    • hi Dana,
      don’t be nervous. they are very discreet and private. you will actually look forward to coming in for your appointments. just saw this blog. I lost 38 lbs in 45 days. it was easy to follow and painless. the first 2 days were difficult to get adjusted to after binging, but i got used to it fast. and nothing is more motivating that seeing the weight come off. good luck Danna. it’s a great program.

    • Hi Danna ,
      I attempted to reply to your message earlier , but at the time I thought it had gone through …and now that I’ve read Toni’s it would appear it did not. I just wanted to say that your appointments are held in a private room, and everyone is very kind!
      I hope this helps!

  24. I went on the Bouari diet protocol in April 2011 and lost 34 lbs in 48 days! As of today, I have not gained any weight back that I lost. Although the first couple days, I was a little hungry, but that seemed to pass pretty easily. I probably ate a little more calories (700 to 900 per day) then recommended, but it was pretty easy to follow. I even ate at various restaurants during the diet and just asked the waitress to cook my meal in a little olive oil with some spices. Never had a problem anywhere I went. I’m smarter today about what I eat and portion sizes, but it was well worth every penny (and then some). My Dr even reduced the amount of cholesterol med’s I take because my bloodwork came back much better than ever. All the best to everyone – I have recommended the Bouari diet to dozens of people who are amazed at how good I look now.

  25. I am very interested in this program and have already gone in for a consult. The question I was wondering is has anyone had bad headakes or sever muscle loss? Do they check for this? I really need to loss 120. I have three small children and I have gotten so fat it hurts to even exercise. I have heard it can get people motivated???? Have you found this to be true? How much weight have you actually lost?
    Thank you so much….

    • Hi Sebeen,
      Besides my out-of-the-ordinary migraine, I haven’t suffered from, nor have I heard from anyone who has suffered from bad headaches or severe muscle loss. I think at the beginning (the first 2-5 days) you might suffer from carb withdrawals and may have some side effects, but they are definitely short-term. I have already lost so much muscle-mass, simply from being ill for 13 years, and being progressively unable to exercise, that whatever muscle loss I may experience on this diet is (in my opinion) not worth mentioning. This is meant to be a short-term diet, but while it helps you to lose large amounts quickly, they want you to try to make the gradual changes of habit in order to make your healthier eating a long-term commitment.

      I am so glad to hear that you are feeling that you are receiving any type of support from my blog…I know how hard it is to be so blessed, and yet to suffer and struggle, and for half of your friends and family to wonder if you’re needing therapy (because your complaints are all in your head), and to start doubting yourself…just hang on when it gets tough…there are people out here in the world who know what you are going through, and who are behind you!


      • thank you for the kind words…
        I have doing more research amd have found many people saying they lost a ton of hair???? any word in this. I have lost almost 60% of my hair twice in my life, once with a hormone problem and then after my son was born…it was awful, and I do not want to go through that again…
        Any thoughts on the potential hair loss?

        Thank you…

      • I have a full head of hair and didn’t loose any of my hair during or after the diet. I was on it for about 50 days.

  26. I just found your blog. I really think I have tried every diet out there and even have a lap band. Nothing has worked. My problem is I never feel full. I have no feeling of satiety. I always feel hungry no matter what I do. Do you think this program will work for me? I just want to be able to fit in a regular theatre seat without touching the people on either side of me.

    • Hi Marty,
      Thanks for reading and commenting! I know that for me, this diet is exceedingly difficult as I feel hungry constantly…but for me, what I think of as hunger is many other things, especially since my becoming disabled : boredom, stress, frustration, pain, etc.
      I do know that this diet works, but I will say that it is extremely hard work…and it isn’t for every body. You may find that you like the control and almost instant feedback you receive from it. Or, it may be hell and not work from the start. I wish I could tell you that it would fix your weight, and help you get started…but we all ultimately have to decide that we have spent our last day unhappy with ourselves, and from here on out to do our damnedest to change it. I struggle everyday with a body I hate, though once that body ran the Honolulu Marathon. It couldn’t roll through that marathon now, and I’m determined to try to make some changes.
      Marty, let us know what you decide, and we’ll back you all the way!


  27. I tried HCG drops that i ordered off line and saw immediate results. I did not stick with the program because I was absolutely depleated of energy. I could barely walk my dog around the block without feeling like I was going to pass out. I believe I might do better by visiting the clinic and havng some additional support. But, none the less, it does work! Good luck everybody!

      • The reason he felt like that is because with the Buori program you also take vitamin b drops and a other supple,emt That made a huge difference for me. I lost 42 in 60 days easiest diet I was ever on because it came off so fast I have kept it off for over 3 months and have not been all that careful the followup after losing is to the utmost importance ie to stay on the calorie or eating plan for 21 days after you go off the drops so you can set your your set point it sounds weird but it so works I have done everything else and nothing worked It also really helped to keep away form perservatives

  28. Thinking about doing this diet. Can anyone tell me what the 500 cal diet is. What kind of foods? Do they allow coffee? milk?
    Thank you

  29. I had my consultation yesterday. The young women was very nice and answered all my questions. I have a lot to lose and am very excited to get started on Saturday. Thanks for all your great comments. I look forward to hearing more from you.

  30. I just came across your blog while trying to get additional information on Bouari Clinic. I made an appointment for tomorrow and am very anxious to try this. I had gastric bypass surgery 10 years ago. My beginning weight then was 320 lbs, now weighing 195. I’ve been at this plateau for 5 years!!! I never had high blood pressure until about 2 years ago, so I believe my health would benefit from additional weight loss. I’ll check back to see how you are doing!

  31. Any woman who has ever been pregnant and suffered through morning sickness can tell you about the effects of HCG. The administration of HCG in any form accompanied by a 500 calorie diet is just not healthy and will provide results only for the duration of the program. The healthiest way to diet is to eat a restricted diet of lean protein, especially fish (not shellfish) that are high in Omega-3 fatty acids, vegetables (cooked or raw, flavored with herbs and not doctored up with sauces), fruit in place of processed sweets, and only high fiber, multigrain breads if you must have bread. Accompany that by a good, vigorous walk for an hour a day and light weight lifting alternated to upper body every other day and lower body every other day, and you will lose all the weight you want, because you will build muscle that will assist you in burning fat. Body for Life by Bill Philips accompanied by Sugar Busters can help you develop this diet, and you do not need to incur the expensive costs of the HCG clinic.

    • Just saw this blog and I am thinking about setting up a consultation this week, I just gave birth to a beautiful babygirl but I now need to get back to my prepreggers weight, or less. My current goal is 30-35 lbs so I’m definitely ready to get started.

    • It’s assuming to say the weight loss is just for the duration of the program. I lost 50 lbs 18 months ago. Still enjoying that weight loss and no longer on the program. It helped me learn a new way of eating and the jump start I needed to make those changes.

    • That may be so but I did this and it totally reshaped my body for the first time in my life I lost weight on my hips and thighs and I lost my belly I am 62 years old and it was a wonderful plan for me . Homopathic HGS with Vitiman b 12 is the way to go if you wnt fast results.

  32. Rhonda,

    I started the program January 25, 2012 at the clinic on West Sahara Avenue. Evberyone there is so nice and supportive. My biggest issue with the program is remembering to eat 3 meals and snacks. Im one of those eat a big lunch or dinner and nothing else. I am doing the injections myself instead of the spray. I hope and pray you stick with it. I cheated several days (son’s birthday, Superbowl and date nite) but I still have lost 10 pounds. I went for my weigh in yesterday a few days early and even though I didn’t lose any more weight, I lost inches. Stick with it and Stay Strong! You are not alone!

  33. I began this program On February 22, 2012. Today was my first day with the low caloric diet and I must say I did not feel very hungry. I did have 2 cups of coffee today and a Vitamin Water Zero just to give me a little kick. I am wondering if anyone has any good meal ideas because I think my biggest challenge may be coming up with different meals that keep me interested. Furthermore, for salads what dressings are you all using, if any?

    Thank you!
    Ki Ki

  34. Started the Bouari protocol on Monday, today is Friday and I am down 6.8 pounds. before the program I would eat just out of boredom and always seemed to be hungry. on the program, I am not hungry and have not missed my multiple daily doses of carby foods. the first couple of days I did have a headache at bed time, but I think it was probably withdrawal from sugar and starch. It’s much easier now. Also, if you ever need recipe ideas, they have many suggestions, and you can even cook with sea salt and various herbs, so that it is not without flavor. I would highly recommend this to those who are serious about changing their body and health.

    • jess, I from Metaire, La. I’m thinking about doing this too! There’s 3 places, none in NOLA. One in Metairie on W. Napoleon: 504-293-1660. Westbank: in Harvey – 504-667-5467. The 3rd one is on the Northshore in Covington: 985-801-0290. All 3 outside of NOLA. Can you please Email me (or anyone else on this BLOG WELCOME to) so we can talk and support each other? (my name is Jane). Good Luck.

  35. Hi, I have always been curious about the Bouari Clinic, and have had co-workers who have temporarily used the program, lost 20 to 30 pds and then stopped because they just got tired of having such a restricted diet. One co-worker did lose alot of hair and now has to have extensions which cost her a fortune. I’m not sure if she is an exception or not. Because I couldn’t afford the program even if I wanted to jump in, I researched the New Atkins Online, and began the induction program last week Monday. It is a low carb diet. You begin by Having two cups of salads a day along with 1 cup of approved vegetables plus protien, fish and meat and eggs. No caffiene, no sugar, no carbs from bread or pasta or rice. I started last Monday the 26th, today is the 1st of April and no joke! πŸ™‚ I’ve lost 10 pds and 5 1/2 inches. I feel great, have to put up with a little keetosis breath, so I’m brushing more, but my teeth are getting cleaner. lol

  36. Hi Rhonda,

    First of all, I would like to thank you for writing this blog so people like me could see how you are doing….and secondly, I would like to wish you the best of luck….I am new to not being able to workout and exercise…and I am having lot of trouble dealing with my new found weight….UGH!!! I became disabled 5 years ago as a result of being bitten by a poisonous spider and almost lost my right leg….I have a lot of trouble with being mobile and am a very stubburn I keep trying and trying, so far I have had 14 surgeries to no avail….I was sitting here being depessed about not being able to get into any of my clothes and saw your blog…..I think you may be my angel in disguise…please let me know how things are coming along with you…It will be hard for me to come up with the funds to join Bouari, as I am a single mother of two and now on disability waiting to have yet another surgery….but, if it works for you…somehow I have to find a way…..Thanks Again…..Hope to hear from you soon!!! Lynda

    • Lindy — I just started at Bouari Sunday, and I have lost 7 lbs so far (in just 4 full days!). It’s very easy to follow. I did have a bad headache the 3rd day, but they warned me not to eat a lot of sugar on my binge days or that would happen, and I didn’t listen. I feel great today, though! I hit 300 lbs and that number scared me into doing something, so I had a long hard talk with myself and God, and the next day I saw the ad for them, and I thought it might work for me. I am at the point where it hurts to exercise, so I really just want to get off enough weight to be able to move without pain. I just had knee surgery last year, so I really need to get the weight off my knees. They have some recipes in the book, and the stuffed peppers are delicious, although I found I needed to cook them longer than they called for — about twice as long. I really am learning about portions and eating healthy on this plan, much more than other diets I’ve been on.

  37. I decided to try this program after gaining 65 pounds over the last 3 years. I’m 44 years old, 5′ 8″, and weighed 234.6 lbs, in a size 16-18, when I started Bouari in Feb ’12. I just finished my 21 days of maintenance (1500-2000 cals a day) last week, after a 60 day protocol (500-800 cals a day) program. I lost a total of 40 pounds, and 33″. I went into the clinic every 7 days at the same time for my follow up visits so I could get accurate weight and inches measurements. There were no shots. The most exercise I had to do was walk a few times a week during the protocol. During maintenance, I upped the walking for cardio and started working more with my hand weights & a weight ball. I’m going to finish out this month with staying with the 1500-2000 cals a day, keep using the vitamin B-12 drops, and see if I can lose more weight on my own, or just keep maintaining what I’ve lost. So far, so good, and I’ve even had alcohol, though limited. If you gain more than a couple pounds, you just revert back to the protocol diet until you lose it, then go back to the maintenance phase. I still have 25 more pounds to go, so I’m probably going to start at least another 30 day protocol at the 1st of June.

    As far as the diet, it’s all organic. Use the spray, take your vitamins, eat the foods they recommend – which is a nice variety of fruits, veggies and lean meats – in the amounts they recommend, eat at least 5 times a day, drink all your water, stay away from sugar & sugar substitutes, use Stevia, apple cider vinegar, sea salt, etc… and you usually won’t be hungry. I never had more than 2 appetite support capsules a day, even though I could have up to 4. You won’t be able to have grains, flour, sugar, nuts, anything “processed”, canned, etc, during your protocol, but during the maintenance phase, you gradually up your calories and can eat anything, except still staying away from white flours & sugars, which is best for a healthy CLEAN diet anyway. I found Ezekiel bread to be an excellent organic, no flour, sprouted grains bread. I prepared nearly all my meals and snacks, which is hard to do, but better for you anyway. You really have to plan what you’re going to eat, and when you’re going to eat. Stay on a schedule in otherwords. πŸ˜‰ I got caught a few times away from the house (shopping, etc) and missed a snack or regular meal time. Believe me, I started always keeping an apple or orange with me, and bottled water.

    I have had so many compliments on how I look now. I’m already back wearing some of my old clothes again, and have found that I can wear some at this point in my weight that I wore before when I weighed LESS, because I have lost INCHES with this diet. So who knows…maybe if I get back on the protocol, I’ll surpass my goal to get into my old skinny clothes again, and shoot for new SKINNIER clothes. I know I can maintain it. It’s just eating right and staying away from things I already know I shouldn’t have, especially since diabetes, high blood pressure, and colon cancer runs in my family. I have NO EXCUSE not to take care of myself when I know how to do it. I just lost a diabetic father before Christmas who had developed kidney disease, and lost my mother 6 years ago to colon cancer. I don’t want that crap passing down THIS side of the family tree, thank you. So, back to exercising for me and eating right, whether I’m on the Bouari diet or not. My life depends on it. They just helped kickstart my healthy eating again and made the weight loss seem more obtainable, which I’m thankful for.

    • The HCG is a spray that you spray (3 sprays) under your tongue every morning and every night. The drops are vitamin B-12 and they go under your tongue (10 drops) every morning. I haven’t had any shots on the Bouari program. Maybe they’re using B-12 shots?

      I’m back on the protocol since Memorial Day, and I’ve lost 13.6 lbs so far. I’m only doing the 30 day plan this time. It’s kinda nice to hear “Hey skinny…” come out of my husband’s mouth. It’s also kinda nice to put on pants that I was wearing 2 weeks ago and have them be too big now. Yay! Onward I go!!!

  38. I started this diet, June 1st- and so far with the spray I have lost 12.6 lbs so far, it’s easy to follow, my cravings of bread, pasta, rice have disappeared, but sometimes I still crave sweets. 😦
    Sometimes- at night I have some non-fat greek yogurt with steamed spinach or cucumbers. I don’t think you can have diary, but sometimes I do, and I have still lost the weight and the inches. I have tried Weight Watcher’s and it didn’t work for me.. but this did… Good Luck to all….

  39. I would be interested in the cost. This hasn’t been mentioned at all. Is there an initial cost and then you pay? There is a groupon that I’m thinking of using to try…

  40. Stacy – upthread someone mentioned the 45/day plan at $450 and the 30/day plant at $300. I just saw an ad in the Sunday paper mentioning different discounts but no set price listed. Not sure if prices vary by clinic or special (newspaper vs Groupon, patient referral, etc.).

  41. Can anyone help me understand why I am plateaued? I havnt lost in a week and am following the diet to the best of my understanding. I started with my loading days July 3rd and 4th. Then I followed the diet and was loosing every day. Once I lost 10 lbs, I seemed to have stalled. I stil drink all or almost all of my water, eat either a fruit or egg whites with tomatoe and spinach for breakfast, a fruit snack(varies strawberries, peach, apple,etc). Lunch is usually salad with maybe some chicken or tuna or hard boiled egg white. I use olive oil and red wine viniger for dressing. Dinner is either broiled or grilled fish, chicken or sirloin steak, grllled veggies and/or salad. Sometimes fruit mid-afternoon or in the evening. I take my sprays in the am and pm and my drops in the afternoon. What am I doing wrong?

    • Anita: from what one person said on here, “you loose in 9 or 10 pound incremnets”. Hope you didn’t give up! It would be nice if Rhonda who started this BLOG would get on here more often or others to help with questions. No offense to anyone. just saying…

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  43. Hi There I started on May 31, and by August I had lost 40 lbs. and 38 inches. It was really fast and easy once I made my mind up to do it. I am going on the program again and have about 25 to 30 more to lose. I would recommend it. The information I got on a stall was to do a tomato day and then eat a steak at night and it should break it. It also is suppose to happen at 9 or 10 lbs increments. That pretty much is what I did.

  44. Today is my 13th day and was down 17 pounds this morning. So far has not been all that hard except for my 3 day stall. Never hungry, Have to make myself eat. Drinking tons of fluid which seems to help. About 45 more pounds to go. Looking forward to the scale every day!

  45. At the gym I saw a local las vegas tv show about the Bouari clinic !!!!!
    Omg !!! I’m can’t tell you how tempting it is to give it a try !!!! All of my life I’m loosing /gaining !!!!! I was actually very skinny to the point it was disgusting a few times in my life ….. Usually a year after each child was born …….
    After my first child was born I did this Medifast diet – a very healthy one with shakes, and a nutrition meals, no pills, no drops , no shots …… I was very much into it so I lost 70 pounds !!!!! And……. After 2 years gain it back before and during my second pregnancy ….
    I didn’t had the same will power after…….
    I took the Fentermine diet pill on and off for like 2 and a half years after my second cild, i lost 40 ponds fast….. And of corse gain it all back after 2 years ….. My weight now is 185 pounds ……. My heaviest ever without being pregnant or after pregnancy …
    My skinyest was 120 !!!!!!!
    Anyway ……….
    I would like to try and get pregnant again soon…… But really want to loose at least 25-30 pounds before ……. My biggest fear is that those medications affect fertility …….
    Does anyone have any knowledge about that subject ??????????????
    What do u guys think I should do ??????

    • Viki: Diet FRIST. Get to your weight and HOLD it there. Wait one year before getting pregnant so there will be NO effects on the Baby. You could wait 3 WHOLE months but I would consult with your doctor frist about HCG in how long it takes to completely leave YOUR system, so the baby will be safe.

  46. So, I’m guessing that when they say its homeopathic natural hormone , it is a bunch of big lies ???? And they also say the appetite dipresent is also all natural ?????!!!!!!!!!!
    I read and saw a lot of interviews on tv about this Bouari clinic, they say its all natural ?????? ….. People do loose weight, it’s amazing !!!!!! But ……. I’m done putting chemicals in my body !!!!! Can someone please tell me the whole truth about it ???? Pleaseeeeeeee
    By the way – Is it this diet that you can’t put lotion on or even make up or deodorant ?????
    Thank you all !!!!

  47. I need to go back on it. it is the MONEY that is stopping me it is so expensive It has been harder to keep it off now but it is because I got into afeasting mode again and that is bad. Try it if you can afford it it is really a good program. I lost 41 lbs but need to lose another 25 so I need to get to it.

  48. I started diet on 3-1813 so far lost 21lbs and 16 inches. I’m lucky because my friend opened clinic and I’ve worked with her as a nurse since 1994. So my trust and belief in her is beyond words. The products work. My energy level is high. Yes the diet is hard but easy to follow. Any change we may in life takes effort. But no exercise. Yes expensive but who wants to pay for stomach lap band surgery and surgery for loose skin and believe me the pain nausea and vomiting with this surgery and the risk of death. As a nurse I’ve seen these pts and yes the weight loss is drastic. But this is a much healthier way to diet. And the comment from someone saying they don’t want putting chemicals in their body , oh for heaven sakes the water we drink and air we breathe has more harmful chemicals than these products from clinic. Try it if it works, after trying many diets , for me a 61 year old female it’ll work for you with little effort by following the diet and taking the products

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  52. I’ve enjoyed reading these posts, so thanks to all of you. I am on day 8 of the Bouari diet, and so far have lost 7.5 lbs. They gave me a booklet with a grocery list, and I bought all the foods I like. Last night I made a veggie soup with top sirloin beef and can’t wait for lunch. I’ve struggled for years gaining a few and losing a few pounds, and I always got frustrated after a few weeks when I was doing all the right things but couldn’t seem to lose weight. I think I was slowing down my metabolism by skipping meals. The Bouari plan has me eating 5 healthy meals a day. No carbs, no sweets, no sodas, but those are the reasons I think that I gained all this weight. My husband calls this the ‘Pliestocene Diet’ or the cave man diet. Think about what they ate back then….only fresh fruits, vegetables, and meat. I am tired of all the fad diets and am ready to play on the floor with my grand kids. I want to lose 50 lbs. so I can do that and not be out of breath tying my shoes! LOL

  53. I started the diet on Sunday, 8/11, as of today I have lost 6.2 lbs. Struggling with the veggies because I am not a vegetable person. I do have a couple of questions, though. Are we allowed to use greek yogurt for a protein? Also, I take 2 of the appetite suppressants a day, but I still have a problem with hunger. I eat everything I am supposed to and drink a lot of liquids, so I don’t know what the problem is. I read about a lot of other people who talk about not being hungry or having to force themselves to eat, but I do still get hungry. I am on day 5 of the plan, so any advice would be very much appreciated. I don’t know if I need to give it more time or take more 3 appetite suppressants or what. Again, I really need advice. Thanks.

    • It takes about a week to get over the hunger I lost 41 lbs but have not stuck with it and cannot make myself get back on it. It fell off of me it was really easy after I got past the first 7 to 10 days or so.

      • That is encouraging, Judy! I’m at day 9 today and seem to have hit a plateau. Same weight for the last 4 days! Also to Stacey: they said no dairy products, so no yogurt.

      • The information I had was that you would hit a wall after about 9 lbs or 9 days. They said to unleash it you could do a day of just apples during the day and a steak and tomatoes at night. it worked for me.

    • I experienced a plateau too, however kept taking it…it took off another 2 inches from my waist. Don’t stop. Its working all over and will be worth it in the end.

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  55. Wish me Luck. Today is my first binge day and so far so good. Hope to loose 40 lbs, but in a healthy way. I am starting at 189lbs and I will keep you posted.

    • How is it going ? I’m going to go back on it I have been ill and gained 30 back so I have to get it off I want to lose 50. Do you know a website I can go for recipes

      • I am really surprised. I am on day 8 and have lost a total of 7 lbs. I am starting to notice my clothes are not as tight fitting, so this is very encouraging.
        As for recipes, I google a lot, but Pinterest has quite a few.
        My favorite so far is breakfast: 2 egg whites, 1 whole egg and spinach. Yummy!
        If you like curry, Chicken breast curry is great too, but I used mushrooms and that is not on the list but I did it any way…that was great too. Hope this helps.
        I will keep posting my progress.

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